Oil Delivery

As proud inhabitants of the Eastern Seaboard, a lot of homes in the area still depend on cod oil to warm themselves and their water. Whether you’re shopping in summer or need an emergency oil delivery in Levittown, JC Heat is here for you. Because we have our own fuel oil tank, you never have to worry about supply chain issues.

Tank Services

Is your old oil tank starting to look its age? Are you looking to install an oil boiler or furnace in Yardley or Levittown? Then, you will be happy you reached out to the oil tank experts at JC Heat. We’ve been servicing and replacing tanks in Lower Bucks County since 1973.

Order Online

No more paper ordering for us! JC Heat has evolved to meet the needs of modern Levittown and Yardley. With our online oil ordering service, your next delivery is just a click away. Want to see current oil prices in Yardley or Newtown? Check out this page for current costs per gallon.

Automatic Oil Delivery

Did a forgotten tank check leave your oil furnace running on fumes? Our automatic oil deliveries ensure you never run out of fuel. Visit this page to learn more about how JC Heat’s automated oil delivery in Newtown and Levittown benefits you and your family.

Budget Payment Plan

We want heating oil in Levittown to be more accessible. That’s why we offer a budget oil plan. Through this program, many customers can cut their annual oil costs by half. To enroll, click the button below.

our Oil Delivery Company in Levittown

When it comes to worry-free oil delivery in Lower Bucks County, you can’t go wrong with the seasoned pros at JC Heat.

The Right Choice For Fuel Oil Delivery In Levittown


Small Business
With a Big Heart

We started out with one guy and one truck in 1973. Our company is still family-owned and wholly dedicated to serving the Levittown area. We take time to get to know you and your heating oil needs.

Secured Oil Supply

A lot of our competitors drive across the river to fill up their trucks. They depend on clean roads and a full supply chain to keep you comfortable. JC Heat owns its oil and keeps upward of a million gallons in the area. This means we always have something on hand—even when disaster strikes.

Financing Available

Even with our automatic and budget oil delivery options, refills can be costly. And, if a new tank is needed, there’s excavation to pay for. To make these things more affordable, we provide financing options for our clients in Lower Bucks County.

Included Oil Treatment
With Delivery

Sludge and water issues can lead to huge problems down the road. That’s why all of our oil is treated with a compound to prevent freezing and remove sludge. This also helps your burner run cleaner—saving you money in the long-run. To learn more about this miracle solution, click here.

Levittown’s Heating Oil Experts

Located in Levittown, JC Heat is a proud heating oil supplier in the Levittown area.

A truly local company, we're proud to provide same-day delivery throughout our service area. In pursuit of true oil expertise, we’ve also acquired the skills necessary to repair not only tanks but also appliances that run off of fuel oil. These include water heaters, heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces.

In other words, if cozy is what you're after, we're here for you.

Oil Can Be a Smart Choice

When compared to natural gas, oil heat has been a better value for 10 of the past 11 years. Oil heat equipment offers you the best in fuel economy, safety, cleanliness, and performance.

Heating oil can also be reasonably efficient when compared to older gas units. Low-sulfur heating oil burns cleaner than natural gas and isn't as reactive as other products. So, before you replace your oil furnace in Levittown, we invite you to give JC Heat a call.

The Call You Want to Make

We've been around since 1973 and have an excellent reputation--not only because we deliver on time, but because we treat our customers with respect.

That includes everything from upfront price quotes on your heating oil delivery, to the professional manner in which we conduct ourselves, to the way we treat and leave your home. Whether it's our work or your experience with our drivers, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our fuel delivery experts receive ongoing training that helps keep your family safe. Better yet, if you tell us about your concerns we can let you know about tips or solutions that can help.

At JC Heating & Cooling we work hard to keep our customers in the Levittown area comfortable all year round.

If you live in Lower Bucks County and have a question about your oil tank or oil-fired appliances, just ask and we'll be happy to help. It's free, customer or not.

To learn more about why we’re the best choice for heating oil in Levittown, we invite you to take a look at our reviews.

Ask Us About Low Monthly Payments

We offer financing through EnergyLoan. Contact us for more information regarding available financing options to see what we can do to lower the price of your oil delivery or oil tank installation in Levittown.
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Financing by Synchrony Financial is offered with Oil Delivery in Yardley PA


Residential heating oil is an environmentally-friendly and efficient source of home heating. It’s often delivered by truck—much like propane. It’s typically used in boilers, water heaters, and furnaces on the eastern coast of the USA.

To identify the type of oil needed, consult your furnace or boiler’s manual. Alternatively, you can just give (215) 945-4833 a ring.

Without additives, heating oil will typically last between 10 to 12 months. At that point, water and bacteria contamination becomes more likely. To extend this life—and protect your investment—ask about potential fuel oil upgrades.

You should check your oil tank’s level approximately once a week. When it gets below an eighth of a tank, it’s time to schedule a fuel oil delivery with JC Heat.

We don’t want you to feel taken advantage of! While we allow you to lock in great pricing with our protection program, we don’t force you into a contract.

The largest factor in heating oil costs is the current price of crude oil. Other things that can impact the price include area demand and time of year.

JC Heat is proud to offer oil delivery around the clock. Midnight? Mid-afternoon? Our tankers are just a phone call away!

We need a clear area to make a drop off. Please clear ice and snow leading to and surrounding your pipes. Failing to do so can impede delivery and impact the safety of our drivers.

There are a number of ways to save on heating oil costs in Levittown. These include:
Scheduling yearly HVAC maintenance
• Proper home insulation
• Avoiding ordering fuel at night or on holidays
• Keep your thermostat down when away from home