Oil Burner Tune Up & Cleaning

JC Heating & Cooling provides oil burner tune ups & clean outs

Boiler & Furnace Cleaning Annual Heater Maintenance

By JC Heating & Cooling - We Service All Makes and Models

Oil Burners Should Be Serviced Once A Year For Efficiency And Safety

JC Heating & Cooling provides oil burner tune ups & clean outs

You Save As Much As 10% Off Your Annual Fuel Bills

For example, the efficiency of an oil boiler or oil furnace with a partially plugged fuel nozzle and dirty heating surfaces can be vastly improved by 5 to 10% or more after a tune-up.

Your heating system will work more efficiently if it has a tune up. On average a home will save 5% to 10% in fuel usage if they have their heating system cleaned and tuned up each year. The average home uses 650 gallons of fuel per year. 10% savings = 65 gallons of fuel and at today's prices that is about $300 dollars in annual savings.

It can extend the life of your heating equipment by as much as 20-30% which can translate into 5-10 years of additional usage for an oil furnace or oil boiler.

Approximately 75% of all emergency repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Warranty Compliance

It is a feature of many manufacturers warranties that maintenance should be performed yearly by licensed professionals. At JC Heating & Cooling we are fully licensed and insured for any heater tune-ups you may require.

Our 27-Point Oil Burner Tune-Up - Inspection List

Check overall condition of oil boiler or oil furnace

  1. Clean heat exchanger
  2. Remove and clean smoke pipe and base of chimney
  3. Reinstall smoke pipe and seal joints
  4. Seal any clean-out doors
  5. Service oil burner
  6. Replace nozzle
  7. Inspect end cone
  8. Clean and inspect electrodes for cracks and wear
  9. Replace oil filter and gasket. Clean and replace fuel pump strainer and gasket (if applicable)
  10. Clean and inspect cad cell
  11. Check all wiring
  12. Oil motor
  13. Clean oil burner fan
  14. Start up burner and check operation
  15. Check pump pressure and vacuum readings
  16. Check safety controls
  17. Perform combustion efficiency test
  18. Check draft over fire and in breech
  19. Do smoke test and adjust for a clean fire
  20. Recheck draft over fire if air band adjustments was made
  21. Check CO2 in breech
  22. Take stack and net stack temperatures
  23. Clean up furnace and surrounding area
  24. For boiler systems, check all pumps, valves and controls for correct function
  25. Check fuel oil level in tank and advise customer if low
  26. Record all readings
  27. Make any recommendations if needed
JC Heating & Cooling Specializes in Oil Boilers Repairs
JC Heating & Cooling Specializes in Oil Boilers Repairs
JC Heating & Cooling Specializes in Oil Boilers Repairs
JC Heating & Cooling Specializes in Oil Boilers Repairs

Oil Burner Tune-ups can save you up to 5% to 10% on your heating bills

Ask about our fuel oil additive that helps your oil burner run cleaner and helps eliminate service problems.

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Please note: prices may vary depending on the condition of the heater.

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We're proud to provide heating repairs and oil cleanings to the following communities in Bucks County, PA:

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