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Attention: For your safety & in order to prevent spills, when placing a Heating Oil order, it is the customer's obligation to inspect their oil tank. When inspecting your tank look at the following is the area around the oil tank, oil lines, oil filter & valves showing signs of leaking, are the legs & foundation stable, is the tank free of rust & dents. AS per NFPA Fire Codes the tank must have a working vent alarm & tank level gauge. the vent pipe must be STEEL PIPE (NO PVC) and a minimum of 1 1/4" and free of obstructions, bugs, bugs nest, snow & ice, etc. If you see any issues with your tank, we can help. Call us at (215) 945-4833

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JC Heating & Cooling has plenty of heating oil and we also provide repair service. Please feel free to call us.

Gallon 300 150 100 75 50 25
Price $2.939 $2.939 2.939 $3.489 $3.969 $5.929

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How can JC Heating & Cooling provide such great Cod oil pricing to our customers? It is easy. We own a Million Gallon Fuel Oil Storage Depot. We can bypass the middleman and buy oil cheaper then most oil dealers. You take on the management of ordering your home heating oil online when needed and pay at the time you place your order. By unbundling traditional services such as ( Phone Orders, Automatic Delivery, Extended Credit, Services Agreements, Priority 24 Hour Repair Service.) This eliminates some of our expenses. Resulting in JC Heating & Cooling passing the savings directly on to you!

We sell low sulfur heating oil that burns cleaner than regular heating oil.

Low Sulfur Heating Oil Cuts Down On Global Warming Green House Gases

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Our truck meters are inspected and calibrated by Bucks County Weights & Measure. Unlike Most COD Companies, we have our own Service Department. We offer oil burners service, tune ups, oil burner cleanings, oil tank repairs and replacements. You can pay online with a debit or credit card.

For safety reasons once an order is placed it can not be cancelled. Once an order is placed, our automated system immediately dispatches your order. In the event that your fuel oil tank is filled by another company, and we attempt a delivery, it could result in an accidental oil spill.

If you take less oil then ordered, monies are non-refundable and a small delivery fee of $15 will be applied. Credits may be used toward next fuel oil delivery or oil burner service.

Our pricing schedule contains volume discounts, so larger heating oil deliveries receive lower prices.