Fuel Oil Tank

JC Heating & Cooling located in Levittown Pa. specialize in the installation, removal and repair of above ground and underground home heating oil tanks

Fuel Oil Tank Safety in Bucks County Pa.

JC Heating & Cooling has been safely delivery heating oil to customers for over 48 years.

State regulations require all heating oil tanks to have a working vent alarm and a minimum steel vent pipe size of 1 1/4".

Undersized vents allow for the build up of air pressure in the fuel oil tank. Over pressuring an old heating oil tank when filling the tank may lead to a tank rupture and major oil spill.

Vent alarms prevent spillage due to overfilling.

When the delivery driver is filling your fuel oil tank, the vent alarm tells him when the tank is full. "The driver then shuts off the flow of oil to the tank." As oil flows into the tank, air in the tank is pushed out through the vent pipe. This rush of air through the vent alarm make a whistling sound. When the whistling stops, the oil has replaced all the air in the tank and the driver knows the tank is full.

Heating oil tank owners should all ways inspect and maintain their heating oil tank, fill pipe, vent pipe, oil lines and fittings. Looking for rusted tank legs, wet spots, rust, oil drips and other signs of deterioration or leaks.

The State of Pennsylvania has adopted the National Fire Prevention Code, "NFPA 31" which requires all copper oil line's that run from the oil tank to the oil burner to be protected in a plastic coating to prevent damage and corrosion of the copper oil lines that leads to oil leaks. Many older home copper lines are not properly encased. If your oil lines are not encased in this protected plastic coating its time to replace them before a leak occurs. Its not a matter of if, its only a matter of when a leak will occur.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep snow and ice from falling on or near your outdoor fuel oil tanks.
  • Check your tank legs, must be rust free to support the weight of the oil and the oil tank. A tank full of fuel oil can way over 2,500 pounds
  • Check the the condition of heating oil tank. The bottom of the oil tank should not be touching the ground or wet.
  • Do not let children play on or near fuel oil storage tanks.
  • Service your heating equipment annually to keep it safe.
  • Never mix heating oil with gasoline.
  • Check for wet or damp spots on the tank.
  • If you see a leak, try to contain it and call JC Heating & Cooling at (215) 945-4833

Heating oil storage tanks must comply with local fire codes and most towns have adopted NFPA fire codes into their codes. For questions about a particular installation, call JC Heating & Cooling we are well verse in the building and fire codes and offer free aboveground heating oil tank inspections for our heating oil customers upon request.

Our service department is fully equipped to make any necessary repairs to bring your fuel storage tank into safety compliance. In some instances a complete fuel tank replacement may be the best action.

Protect Your Heating Oil Tank With A Spill Pan

A Spill Pan is simple insurance against minor oil tank leaks. Holds 15 Gallons.

Above ground and underground heating oil tank installation available

We can repair or remove your existing oil tank, procure the necessary permits, and install a new tank that is up to code. We install 275 or 330 gallon above ground oil tanks, underground oil tanks also.

We sell low sulfur heating oil burns cleaner than regular heating oil.

Low Sulfur Heating Oil Cuts Down On Global Warming Green House Gases

Financing is Available for New Fuel Oil Tank Replacements

Our professionals are extremely prompt and reliable. If you need a heating oil delivery, give us a call and we’ll be right there.

For an in home inspection or Oil Tank Installation

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