Benefits of Upgrading to Oil Heat

Owners of an electric furnace or baseboards could experience heating savings of 50% or more if converting to Oil heat. In fact, 130,000 Electric heat customers have switched to Oil heat in the last five years. The enjoy more comfort at lower cost. And they've never had such ample hot water!

Energy Statistics

  • Oil heat is Efficient - Oil heat is significantly more efficient that other forms of heating, such as natural gas and electricity. The US Department of Energy that new oil heating equipment operates at an average of 83% to 93% efficiency. Additionally, Oil heat operates 64% higher than electric heat, which has an efficiency of only 31%.
  • Oil heat means more hot water - It means faster cheaper, hot water than electric or gas can produce.
  • Oil heat is safe - Besides being the best value in heating fuels, oil is virtually the safest. Unlike natural gas, propane or gasoline, oil is not explosive. Oil has to be turned into a fine mist and heated to 140 degrees before it will support a flame.
  • It is nontoxic, contains no cancer causing agents and is biodegradable. Residential heating oil tanks pose no threats to your health.
  • Some of the many benefits of Oil Heat include:
    • Safety – Non-explosive fuel oil only ignites by an advanced system with an oil-burner or furnace, eliminating the safety concerns of other fuel types.
    • Energy Efficient – With efficiency ratings between 85 and 95%, modern oil heat systems provide 85-95 cents worth of heat for every energy dollar.
    • Value – Studies performed by the Department of Ecology show that oil heats 16% more efficiently than natural gas.
    • Comfort –Because an oil heat flame burns 300 degrees hotter than natural gas, you’ll benefit from quicker heating.
    • Longevity – With proper maintenance, the average oil furnace lasts approximately 30 years.
    • Proven – With over 28 million Americans trusting their comfort to oil heating, there’s little doubt of the many rewards.

Environmental and Economic Fuel Compassion

An average house in the North East uses 822 gallons of fuel oil for heat and hot water for one year. The chart below shows the cost of other fuels providing the same.

The same home with System 2000 uses considerably less.

Modern Oil heat equipment actually burns less fuel. The average annual fuel consumption in 1980 was 1,400 gallons; and now it is only 700 gallons - that's 50% less fuel.

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Case Study Savings with System 2000:

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$1,910 annually (75%)

Electric Heat Pump To System 2000 Oil Hydro Air

  • A 2,400 square foot home. Previously had a heat pump with an 80 gallon electric water heaters heater.
  • The total electric heat cost $2,550.

After installing a system 2000 annual oil heat cost were reduced to $640.

"For the first time since we've lived in this house, we're warm and we don't get cold air out of the vents

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